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Cardiovascular Disease


Certain types of heart disease can be prevented by making simple lifestyle changes.

  • Stay physically active.
    • People who are sedentary have twice the risk of cardiovascular disease as those who are physically active. Visit the Physical Activity webpage to learn more.
  • Eat healthy foods.
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    Maintain a healthy weight.
    • Between 20 and 30 percent of the nation’s adults (some 58 million people) are obese and have a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other chronic diseases.
  • Stop smoking.
    • Smokers have twice the risk of heart attack as nonsmokers. Visit the Live Tobacco-Free webpages to learn more.
  • Get regular physicals and checkups.
  • Keep blood pressure in check.
    • Visit the High Blood Pressure webpage for tips to help lower your blood pressure and locations where you can get your blood pressure checked for free.
  • Keep track of your numbers.
    • The American Heart Association’s Heart360® external link tool is a convenient and secure location for you to track and manage your heart health. Record your health data with the online trackers, access additional information and resources on how to be heart healthy.
  • Control cholesterol.
    • Visit the Lab Tests Online external link website to learn more about cholesterol tests and results.
  • Keep diabetes in check.
    • Visit the Diabetes webpage to learn more.
  • Manage stress.
    • Visit the Medline Plus external link website to learn how to manage stress.
  • Reduce the use of salt and sodium in your diet.
  • Practice good hygiene.
    • Prevent plaque buildup and reduce the chance of getting gum disease by brushing and flossing daily. Visit a dentist every six months to help identify gum disease as well as overall oral health problems in their earliest stages. Germs on the teeth and gums can travel from the mouth to the heart, potentially worsening cardiovascular disease. For more information on oral health and heart disease visit the Know Your Teeth external link website.

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