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10 in 10 Challenge


10 in 10 Challenge

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The 10 in 10 Challenge is a free online program designed to help you lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks.

The challenge is simple…lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks by cutting out 250 calories from foods and by burning 250 calories through activity each day.

Get Started

Registration opens on February 16, and the challenge begins February 22!

  1. Sign up or login to the 10 in 10 Challenge.

  2. Enter your weight once a week. (Your starting weight will also be your weight for week one.) Log in your weight once a week and be eligible for prize drawings.

  3. Each week you'll receive an email with simple food swaps and activity ideas to help you reach your goal. Many ideas are offered, but you choose which activities and food swaps you will make to reach that magic 500 number.

  4. Planning out your food swaps and activities for the week will help you succeed in this challenge.

Tips & Resources

Tips, resources and other helpful information will be posted here and on the Get Healthy Blog.

Calorie 101 PDF 67KB Fad Diets Exposed PDF 93KB
Breakfast Swaps PDF 58KB Grapefruit Diet PDF 51KB
Lunch Swaps PDF 41KB 3-Day Diet PDF 59KB
Dinner Swaps PDF 42KB HCG Injections & Diet PDF 109KB
Snack Swaps PDF 57KB The Cabbage Soup Diet PDF 57KB
Movie Theater Munchies PDF 83KB The Atkins Diet PDF 58KB
Valentine's Sweets Swaps PDF 80KB The Cookie Diet PDF 63KB
Vending Machine Do's & Don'ts PDF 108KB Diet Pills PDF 67KB
Calorie-Saving Grocery List PDF 34KB High Protein Diets PDF 62KB
Re-think Your Drink PDF 55KB The Rice Diet Solution PDF 84KB
Goal Worksheet PDF 26KB    
Activity Chart PDF 67KB    
Physical Activity & Nutrition Log PDF 93KB    
The Olympics PDF 105KB    


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